DOVIA Sacramento provides a forum for exchange of information on relevant issues for professional volunteer managers and leaders of volunteers. Through collaborative efforts, DOVIA Sacramento is committed to promoting services and emphasizing professional growth and development of the volunteer administration profession.

Since 1978, DOVIA Sacramento has served to broadening community awareness of volunteerism by furthering communication among DOVIA, its member agencies and institutions, and the general public.  Our primary geographic service area consists of Northern Sierra and Sacramento counties including El  Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba counties.


DOVIA Sacramento membership is open to any person, salaried or volunteer, whose primary job responsibility within any agency or organization, public or private, is that of directing, coordinating, or conducting the volunteer program of said agency or organization, and others interested in furthering volunteerism.  Membership categories include individual, agency, student, and retiree.


  • Transformative Discussion Groups
  • Engaging & Relevant Information
  • Insightful & Inspirational Speakers
  • Qualified & Accomplished Experts
  • Intense Common Purpose
  • Career Growth & Opportunities
  • Volunteer Management Training
  • Professional Networking
  • Collaborative Idea Exchange
  • Virtual Learning Network


The DOVIA Sacramento Board is responsible for implementation of the goals and mission, as well as the continuity and growth, of the DOVIA Sacramento organization.  As an all-volunteer 501c3 organization, DOVIA Sacramento's success and viability depends on the time and effort of its Board and Committees.  Board members are drawn from the membership at large. Committee members are drawn from both the membership at large and the community at large.

The Board, consisting of the Executive Board and Committee Chairs, meets the first Tuesday of every month (3-5 pm PT) to oversee business, membership, and education activities. Committee meetings are held at dates and times as determined by their respective chairs. 

In July 2020 DOVIA added more than 10 new leadership opportunities to expand our ability to better serve our members and to address some of the challenges presented to the volunteer management sector by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please considering volunteering to assume one of the new or open leadership opportunities listed below.

Click here if you are interested in serving as a DOVIA Sacramento Board or committee member.


July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021

CHAIR  Joan Cardellino, CAVS (Joan Cardellino Consulting LLC)
The chair provides leadership that ensures the continuity and growth of DOVIA Sacramento.
Email: chair@doviasacramento.org

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PAST CHAIRRachele Doty, CVA (First Call Hospice)

Email: (coming soon)

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The vice chair assumes the duties of the Chair or Secretary in their absence, chairs the Nominating Committee, and undertakes special projects as assigned.
Email: vicechair@doviasacramento.org

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The secretary is the custodian of DOVIA Sacramento records.
Email: secretary@doviasacramento.org

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TREASURER PRO-TEMPORE Valerie Sanders, CVA (Kaiser Permanente - South Sacramento) 

The treasurer ensures sound management of DOVIA Sacramento finances and the continuity of written accounts of DOVIA’s income and expenses.
Email: treasurer@doviasacramento.org

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July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021


The awards and scholarship team promotes the recognition of outstanding volunteers and volunteer management; arranges for DOVIA Sacramento's participation in community recognition events; administers the annual DOVIA Sacramento Volunteer Recognition event; oversees the Margaret Einspahr Memorial Scholarship Fund.

CHAIR – Krystal Oliver (Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services)

Email: awards@doviasacramento.org

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Team Members - Matthew Pruitt


The Communications team is responsible for developing, updating and monitoring communications policies, social networking accounts, and electronic discussion groups, as well as recommending new ways to communicate with its members and other interested parties through alternative media.

CHAIR - Hollis Sweet (CommuniCare Health Centers)

Email: (coming soon)

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Team Members:

Digital Media Coordinators

Media Relations/Social Media - Mika Guevarra (HandsOn Sacramento) marketing@doviasacramento.org

Website - Teryn Heckers (UCDavis MIND Institute) website@doviasacramento.org

Newsletter/Blog - New! Open

Google Groups Coordinator - Hollis Sweet (CommuniCare Health Centers)

Youth Directory  Pro Tempore - Mary Lynn Perry


The Education team oversees the planning and coordination of educational programs, trainings, and related activities.

CHAIR - Mary Lynn Perry

Email: programs@doviasacramento.org

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Team Members:

Hospitality - Elena Schwed (Girl Scouts of Central California)

FundraisingElena Schwed (Girl Scouts of Central California)

Registration and Digital Education Coordinator - Leslie Fritz (Leadership Outfitters)

Book Club - Lesli Goti (Sacramento Public Library) and Carla Lehn (The Lehn Group)

Principles of Volunteer Administration Course - New! Open


The membership team promotes overall growth of the membership; oversees digital database maintenance including members, contacts and archives: oversees the Job Board; oversees Membership Outreach Sub-Committees

CHAIR PRO-TEMPORE: Georgia Waid (Active Volunteer for Sutter Davis Hospital, Yolo County 4H, Retired Director of Volunteer Service)

Email: membership@doviasacramento.org

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Team Members

Outreach Peer Professional Organizations Bonnie Davis, CVA (Snowline Hospice)/Trudy Harris (TeamGiving)

Outreach Sierra Region Counties - New! Open

Outreach Sacramento County - New! Open

Outreach Bay Area - New! Open

Outreach Five Community Sectors - New! Open

Membership Database Administrator (member data, surveys, job board) New! Open


The mentoring team identifies and assists new volunteer coordinators to gain access to basic information about volunteer management and links them with experienced mentors.  The mentoring chair also partners with the Education Chair for the Google Group Discussion Board, and, to offer "Principles of Volunteer Administration" annually.

CHAIR – Georgia Waid (Sutter Davis Hospital)

Email: mentoring@doviasacramento.org

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The technology team coordinates and maximizes the use of DOVIA Sacramento digital tools, contracts, and resources.

CHAIR - Joan Cardellino, Board Chair

Lead Coordinators:

  • Cloud Computing, Collaboration, and Productivity (Google Suite) - Board Secretary
  • Membership Management (Wild Apricot) - Membership Chair
  • Website (Wild Apricot) - Website Coordinator
  • Financial (Wild Apricot, QuickBooks, PayPal, Banking) - Board Treasurer
  • Social Media Accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Hootsuite) - Social Media Coordinator
  • Registration and Digital Education (Wild Apricot, Google Meet, Zoom) - Registration and Digital Education Coordinator

Click here if you are interested in serving as a DOVIA Sacramento Board or committee member.

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